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Don’t buy your pet-adopt

I am a huge animal lover. I donate money to wildlife organizations and donate time to volunteer at local pet shelters. When we first started developing into a serious relationship, my then boyfriend wanted for us to get a dog. We talked about the different breeds we could get. He liked golden labs because you could play with them a lot. I really liked pugs because they have such gentle natures. We couldn’t decide on a certain breed so we dropped the topic. The holidays were close so I was busy shopping and decorating and baking and forgot all about getting a pet. On Christmas Eve, I got home from work and found a fawn pug puppy with a red bow tied around his collar. It was so cute and full of energy. I loved it. We tried to come up with a name and finally agreed on Trapper. We had the best night introducing our new puppy to our home and to its new bed and toys. During the next weeks we worked on house training it and learning the roped of being pug “parents.” A few weeks after we got Trapper, we were eating dinner and I asked my boyfriend where he got him at. He hesitated and told me that he got him at the pet store near our house. He knew I was upset after I didn’t say anything for a few minutes. He told me that he had checked the local shelters but hadn’t seen a pug. I told him that there are shelters dedicated to rescuing pugs. Well, he had no idea, so I couldn’t be mad at him, but I felt so awful. More than likely, my pug puppy came from a puppy mill whenever there were many puppies in shelters that needed homes. I learned my lesson. Tell everyone that there are hundreds of dogs in shelters that need homes. If your local shelter doesn’t have the breed you’re looking for, check shelters in neighboring cities.

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Posted on January 29th, 2014 by grujack


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