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Don’t drink and speak

I attended a childhood friend’s party once and had enjoyed myself very much. I did drink a little too much and to my dismay I had said some words that were not meant to be said. One of my friend’s … Continue Reading

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Size Doesn’t Matter

My most recent life lesson was taught to me by my puppy. She is a Chihuahua and is very small to say the least. In fact at her last vet visit she was right at 2 pounds and still fit … Continue Reading

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Low self esteem

Many years ago, I think I am the most insecure person I ever knew. I don’t have any confidence in myself, and in anything that I do. I always compared myself to other people. The way I dress, the way … Continue Reading

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The One Day Millionaire Habit

Nowadays, it is not only cash that gives us strong purchasing power; we now have credit cards. The credit limit alone will make you feel “rich” as this (based on Wikipedia – is the maximum amount of credit that … Continue Reading

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Sharpies are NOT Face Paint

When my daughter was very young she developed a love of art. She was constantly drawing and paper and crayons were never in short supply at our home. Once her brother was born she tried her hardest to get him … Continue Reading

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Is this salt in my coffee?

I have a set of container bottles with different colored caps for variety of spices and seasonings at home. I put them all in a single kitchen cabinet. One time, still sleepy from a very early morning call, I decided … Continue Reading

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Not all flight attendants are nice and honest…

…as I once had a bad encounter with them last August.

My husband and I were on our way back home to Manila from a relaxing vacation in Boracay ( when I kept on reminding myself to keep my Amazon … Continue Reading

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Always know where the route is

Years back, I moved to a new city because of a job opportunity. Since I’m not yet familiar with the exact route to my office, I rode a cab to arrive at work on time and secure. Because I only … Continue Reading

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Never Trust Technology

I have been a teacher for several years now and each day I learn how little I know. Usually it is from my students that I learn the most, but today I learned a very important lesson about the Internet. … Continue Reading

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“Look before you leap”

A year ago, I was hired by one of the multinational call center companies. Our batch of newly hired employees was composed of 10 people and we had undergone process trainings together. During the training weeks, we do things almost … Continue Reading

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