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Since when was Facebook Homework?

I come from a family of very strict parents. So I lived by the rule, when you get home from school, go take a shower, and come down and do your homework. So I started doing my homework, until I … Continue Reading

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You fear THAT (tiny) thing? O.o

My young niece, like many other kids who were born in America, has a fear for spiders. I don’t. Often times she made a big deal at the sight of the tiniest spiders and ran away. One day I got … Continue Reading

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Fetching Firewood

Fetching firewood for cooking was a chore for children when I was growing up because cooking gas was not known in the rural areas. Whenever we would go to fetch the firewood, we would go for a swim, but our … Continue Reading

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Eating the Deity’s Candy

When I first moved to Asia I was working for a school that catered to students from all over Asia.

On my second day of work I noticed there was a bowl full of candy on a table in the … Continue Reading

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Lost Phone

When mobile phones were introduced in the market, I was so eager to own one for myself. When I got my first salary, I bought one for myself and I was very happy about it. One day I was in … Continue Reading

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Wrestling FAN!

As a child I would love to watch WWE which is wrestling. I would start to imitate people and give my friends and family names of wrestlers, until one day my uncle (who is really fit) and I were fooling … Continue Reading

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Some years back, I worked for a milling company and I had an opportunity to know and interact with several clients. I could tell customers that were good to deal with and those who were bad payers. When I changed … Continue Reading

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Hate for mathematics

When I was in grade 7, I hated mathematics so much that I wouldn’t do assignments given by the teacher. Because I knew the teacher would walk round the class checking if assignments had been done, I would sneak out … Continue Reading

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Something smells a little fishy…

As a child I would love to go around and play. I would love to play so much that when I needed to go to the bathroom I tried as hard as I could to make it go away. One … Continue Reading

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Over night Travelling

During my campus life, I started a habit of travelling in the night even when I had time during the day. I continued with this habit for a long time until one day when I learnt my lesson. I took … Continue Reading

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