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Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have made people to advance in telling lies because someone cannot tell the exact place you are and whether you are telling the truth or not. One day a friend of mine called me, asking if I was … Continue Reading

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Value of a mother

Whenever my mother would send me to get something for her, I would complain and even refuse to go. Sometimes I could get a beating and my mum would comment “when you get your own child you will know the … Continue Reading

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I was clearing the kitchen garden one day and an accident happened that I hit a chicken with the shovel by mistake and it died. I knew my mother would be very angered and so I decided not to report … Continue Reading

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One time I was send to the shop to do some shopping but on the way I found people standing in a group and I joined them to find out what was happening. It is when there I noticed that … Continue Reading

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Raising false alarm

One time my parent went away for a night and I was left to watch the other siblings because I was the first born. In the middle of the night we had a bang in the house and I thought … Continue Reading

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Car accident

When I was in college I had a nice car bought for by family. [Technically, the brother who wrote the check didn’t know the other brother convinced me to buying this one] I normally can multitask while driving like eating, … Continue Reading

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Playing on the way from school

Walking from school was a routine during my lower grade school because there was no means of transport. I would walk 5kms to and from school and I would get very tired by the time I got home. My friends … Continue Reading

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Whenever I would attend a wedding with my friends, we expected to eat to our fill and also have a share of the cake. There was one time that I attended a wedding but I delayed in queuing to be … Continue Reading

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Telling Lies

Whenever I see a river flowing I remember the good old days when we used to fetch the water from the river because that is where I learnt my first swimming lessons. With my other siblings and neighbors kids we … Continue Reading

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Broken relationship

I met a Mr. Right in campus who was a year ahead of me when I was in my second year. Our relationship thrived and it was the talk of the entire campus because people envied us on how we … Continue Reading

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