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As a child I had a problem, flushing toilets… Well I always ended up clogging the toilet, so one day I had clogged the toilet and did not tell anyone. My dad ended up seeing that the toilet was clogged … Continue Reading

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I helped cheat on a test for a guy I really liked for two years. I was finished with the test but he wanted the bonus so he asked me what inch was in Spanish. I tried to show him … Continue Reading

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One Friday morning in 3rd grade, I needed to go to the bathroom. I went into the usual stall- 2nd from the front. I didn’t want to go back to class right away so I took my precious time. But … Continue Reading

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When I was about 8 or 9 I loved mac and cheese. I still do! But my mom didn’t like me making it every day, so I would eat it in secret. One night, she found an unwashed dish filled … Continue Reading

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Support #2

My best friend asked me one day if she should take up the offer to smoke weed. I told her that weed is bad for you, but I don’t care either way if you do or not because you’re still … Continue Reading

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I myself, have a short temper so if anything gets me angry I will do something about. Such as this one time while I was playing basketball in school, someone had accidentally pushed me, I got angry threw the ball … Continue Reading

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That isn’t my signature!!!

While still in elementary school, the teachers would give out agenda’s to write our homework in, and if we didn’t complete that homework, we were to bring it home and get it signed. Afraid of the consequences I didn’t think, … Continue Reading

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Socks and boxes out the window

When I was about 8 years old I was not a very sophisticated child. I would go around seeing what I could throw around. So I got bored and started to take all my socks and threw them out the … Continue Reading

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Lying to miss School

I know when we all start schooling it is fun for the very few terms ,only for it to become a bother after sometime and all we wish is that we didn’t start going to school. This is very common … Continue Reading

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Vous parlez le ‘bleep’?

Those were exactly the words (except for bleep which actually represents vulgarity) I spoke to a female coursemate who is very fluent in french since she lived in Togo most of her life. I was in my second year at … Continue Reading

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