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This happened on a weekend when I went to visit my parents at their house. My father likes to do his laundry himself, he considers it one of those less serious things that he could do in in life.

But … Continue Reading

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Water flowing from a tap was unknown to me when I was a young girl and so, I only knew that water existed only in the river. We grew up fetching water from the river every other day and this … Continue Reading

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Punch Buggy

There was a point in time where I thought punch buggy was fun. So every time I saw one, I would punch everyone lightly and say no punch backs! One day I punched my aunt. My aunt was driving, so … Continue Reading

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Staying back

This year is my sophomore year in high school. If I had done any worse in school I would’ve had to stay back. Going into high school I didn’t know what was coming for me. So I spent that time … Continue Reading

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A few months ago my friend needed me for ‘girl talk’. Obviously I said yes because I wanted to be there for her. She had a crush on a guy that was 3 years older than her, and near the … Continue Reading

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In my lower primary I was in a day school and I loved playing in the rains like any other kid. I would play in the rains and wet my entire school uniform and I only had one pair, only … Continue Reading

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In my lower primary, I loved eating mangoes when they were in season and I would save every coin to ensure that on the market day I got some money to buy myself several mangoes to enjoy with other kids … Continue Reading

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During my childhood years in primary school, our family was struggling to make ends meet and therefore we couldn’t afford most luxuries. Our neighbors were well off and could afford a good life, because they could afford to have bread … Continue Reading

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Falling down the stairs

My brother who is 4 years younger than I am is like a little monkey. He will jump around whenever he gets the chance. One night while he was walking down the stairs to go to sleep I was right behind him. … Continue Reading

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Wishing I had a phone

Many years ago when I was in elementary school, every time I would walk around people they always be talking about the new cell phones they had just gotten. Every one I knew had a cell phone. I wanted to be like them so … Continue Reading

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