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Missing 60?

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, all I had on my mind was money. I would take out family member’s purses and wallets just to count how much money they had. Until one day I was walking around the house I saw … Continue Reading

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When I was growing up, my parents would assign duties to my siblings and I and they would supervise if the duties were performed as per their instructions. One day they assigned duties and went away and because we knew … Continue Reading

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Blind Date # 2

Some time has passed since my first blind date (ID # 2). One day I announced to my friends that work has slowed down and I want to go on dates again. One friend quickly contacted me and said she … Continue Reading

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Life is Chances

When I was about 18 to 21 years old I made many Mistakes in School. I used to hate the Teachers, Students and everyone around me, using them as an-excuse to hate School and not to study, thinking it’s a … Continue Reading

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I remember i was student 11th standard High school as a family we were living together since father worked for Central Govt of India Bhilai steel plant I went for walk and moving around citizens quarters I am attracted by … Continue Reading

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Heart aches of my life

Im doing everything to make him happy! cause i thought in that way he will love me of who and what i am. But its a big mistake. cause i lost him and he ignoring me! I regret of what … Continue Reading

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My age was 30 I had been working Dubai may be I did not find continuous job where i was employed I learned never to trust anybody women I am regretted for accompanying someone whom I thought good person later … Continue Reading

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Report Cards

When I was in fifth grade, I was not doing as well as I usually do academically; I had an F in Social Studies when I usually have A’s and B’s. When the progress report came out, I freaked, and … Continue Reading

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Karma’s a fish!

One night my aunt, my sisters, and I sat in a bedroom trying to remember all the silly, funny, and stupid mistakes we made in life. I told the fish story (ID #5) and we all laughed UNTIL suddenly my … Continue Reading

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My sophomore English teacher in high school was awful. She was not a role model from the way she teaches to the way she dresses. None of us kids respected her. She would fall asleep almost every Friday when we … Continue Reading

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