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Facebook Ad

400,000 – The number of people was reached through my campaign
135 – The number of people clicked on my ad
0 – The number of people liked my website
0-1? – The number of people signed up
0 – … Continue Reading

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Lost love

One time I went shopping on a business trip and spotted the most beautiful, classy, stylish white coat I’ve ever seen. I really wanted to buy it but the price tag stopped me. It wasn’t too ridiculously expensive, but definitely … Continue Reading

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The whiping

When I was about 12 I had not listen to my dad and he was very upset and he was going to whip me good so I ran into the bathroom and locked the door he kept trying to get … Continue Reading

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I should have grabbed it…

I must have been about 19 or 20 and to this day I still remember what this painting looked like. I have been to many yard sales, estate sales and flea markets before . I have seen the odd the … Continue Reading

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Fishy go Bye Bye.

One time, I decided to do my grandma a favor as a surprise and clean the fish bowl with her fish in it. After I was done I put it on the heater and went to do something else. Later … Continue Reading

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Last minute fail

When I was in sixth grade there was an assignment that I decided to put away to the last minute, but the day it was due, I didn’t even start it. When the teacher asked where it was, I told … Continue Reading

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Experience with Education

Just my recollection of thoughts on something I could have changed in my life, that the younger generation can change to move forward in life. After graduating High School I decided to take two years off and just work while … Continue Reading

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Blind date

When I was around 23 I went on my first blind date with someone I met online. During that whole 2 or 3 months of non-continuous talking he mentioned sharing pictures, but I refused. I thought it would be more … Continue Reading

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Prissy Sister

I have an older sister who is a prissy girly girl. She is the definition of people I dislike greatly; but she wasn’t always like that. When me and her were younger, we decided to play fight- I’m pretty sure … Continue Reading

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