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Don’t tell cock-and-bull stories of courage to anyone

Courage is not a thing to show people. When I was a student, I used to tell people that I am very courageous person. I used to tell many cock-and-bull stories to my friends to prove that I am very … Continue Reading

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What I Learned From Loving An Abusive Lover…

Everybody told me that I should leave him and yet somehow, I just couldn’t. I was in love with him and I know deep inside, he does feel the same way too. But somehow despite all my love and care … Continue Reading

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Look around before you ask

Let me share with you this funny experience which is at the same time, ridiculously embarrassing.

I was at this place where I am not so familiar with. And from the past experience that I had which almost got me … Continue Reading

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The crimson plate

I was the youngest among my siblings. So I was the apple of everyone’s eye. Everything I used, my dresses, my room, my furniture, every single thing was different and best that my family could find. I used to get … Continue Reading

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I am a person with different ideas and I love it but these ideas come to my mind all at the same time. If I decided to watch a movie later on I’d switch to another task then to another. … Continue Reading

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Fooling around brings injuries

One time I was on a trip to Florida from my home state in PA and I was messing around and slipped on some mud and busted some meniscus on my knee. I had to have a surgery and didn’t … Continue Reading

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A sad experience on train

The other day I was traveling by train. There was a guy sitting next to the window. I wanted that seat more than anything at that time. It was a hot day and anyone would want to grab the window … Continue Reading

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I was happy but frighten leaving high school. Everybody was certain what courses they’ll be taking except me. I wanted to take architecture but my father said no since my brother was taking it. So engineering became an alternative. I … Continue Reading

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Backbiting revenge

I was in 9th grade when I had a bad experience with my science teacher. She was new, just graduated from college. She had no experience in teaching and handling a class. I liked science very much and there came … Continue Reading

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You are not alone

When my father died in 2008 and I was left as the head of the family, I felt like I am carrying the entire universe on my shoulders. With 3 students and a mom I had to feed, clothes and … Continue Reading

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