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Organization prevents frustration

When I was younger, I would frequently lose things. I just recall not having the sharpest memory and would forget where I put things and when I needed to bring things in to school, when they would be due. In … Continue Reading

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Respect your Parents

Just like everyone else’s father, I have an imperfect father. My Mom is at such a young age (15 ½) when my father married her while he was 25 ½. It seemed to me that they have not been together … Continue Reading

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Lazy daisy

I was in the second year of engineering and I was famous in my college for dance as well as studies. Due to this reason I was elected as my class POC(point of contact). All notifications from the management have … Continue Reading

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Why Speak

More often than not people are being trampled over because they just remain quiet. People who are considered destitute never speak up; thus government always neglects them. If you want to be recognized and given justice and equality then you … Continue Reading

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I am a lazy person. I’m the type that let my tasks pass by. I never prioritize any deadline. Whenever I got projects that were given early, I tend to not work on it as soon as possible. It is … Continue Reading

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Screaming at Grandma

When I was a little kid, I was more moody than anyone else. I would get mad easily at anyone, scream about anything, and cry about everything. My brothers and sisters hated me, at least when I was a kid. … Continue Reading

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Cheating is never a good thing. Yet it seems to be a commonplace in society. People cheat on their spouses, taxes, tests, and much more. We all know it’s wrong, yet it seems to be something that has become accepted. … Continue Reading

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Just Do It

You can’t deny the fact that there are times when offering help is really awkward. Like when my aunt gets home one night and finds the kitchen not-her-standard clean.

I usually check the kitchen to make sure everything’s in clatter … Continue Reading

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Learn to Forgive

A common expression heard throughout all ages is ‘forgive but don’t forget’. Forgiveness in itself is an incredibly hard act, but it doesn’t take an exceptionally strong person in order to forgive. Anyone is capable of forgiveness. It just takes … Continue Reading

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Forever Friend

As kids we typically gravitate towards friends who are the same gender as ourselves. That’s one thing I’ve never understood. I have always been the opposite. My closest friendships have always been with men. For some reason I don’t play … Continue Reading

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